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Dry Noodles

This Chinese style pasta is made from an eighty year old recipe. The noodles are hand-made for the quality conscious gourmet chef. Their strength and body is unmatched by other noodles. They are twelve inches in length and come in a variety of widths and diameters.

These dry noodles are quite practical with a shelf life of about six months and a cooking time of about two minutes. All noodles are made with eggs, with the exception of our special "White-Noodles" which are made without salt and eggs for those who have diet restrictions.

These are the most versatile noodles as they can be used in soup noodles or noodle salads. They can also be stir-fried. The uses are as unlimited as to imagination of the chef.

Fine-Cut Plain:
1/16" in diameter, 25% eggs and the most popular of the dry noodles.

Fresh Egg Noodles:
1/16" in diameter, 75% eggs and the most flavorful of the dry noodles.

Extra-Fine Cut Plain:
1/20" in diameter, 25% eggs, Japanese soba style.

War-Mein Plain:
1/10" wide and only 1/48" in thickness (flat and wide), 25% eggs, this is truly a gourmet noodle.

Medium-Cut Plain:
1/8" width and 1/16" thick, 25% eggs, this is sometimes called "Udon" or "Shanghai" noodles. It has a more doughy texture.

White Noodles or Bok Mein:
1/16" diameter, no salt and no eggs, made for those with dietary restrictions.